There's an article being passed around amongst Bernie Sanders supporters in favor of European Socialism. In this video I'm debunking NOT ONLY European 'Socialism' but also true Socialism by going through the article, and then putting the final nails in the coffin on my way out.

We all have heard of #communism but not many of us really know the true history of why and how Karl Marx wrote his manifesto. Was he acting alone, or was the #DeepState involved with it's origin?

Many people have been led to believe that communism could work and are pushing for a change in the political system. However, we are never told the sheer number of lives these dictators have taken, such as Mao, Lenin, and Stalin.

Also is there a secret agenda that socialist leaders of the past and present are pushing?

Have you ever wondered how #communism and secret societies relate to each other? In this episode on Edge of Wonder, we will expose how the #Illuminati were secretly behind the French revolution and how one man, Adam Weishaupt infiltrated and influenced 2 different societies and combined them into one.

Soon a dark plot was thus born as this ideology spread all over Europe, then to China, and even eventually to the United States.

But who was Adam Weishaupt, and where did he come from, and why has his name been erased from history books?

Also why is one of the most important meetings in recent history never talked about? We will explore all of this and more on our series of the #DeepState cult: communism.

Many people are throwing the term #socialism around but do they really understand the true meaning of it and its origin of where it came from?

The #DeepState was built on lies and deceit and wanted to hide from the #communism agenda. And how did one man, Saul Alinsky, go from being a nobody to being the godfather of socialism movements? And more importantly who was his friends and who was inspired by him decades later?

On this third episode of Edge of Wonder of our communism series, we take you to the roots of socialism and how it has been used a tool against the American people.

In 1917, #Lenin lead his Russian Revolution to take over Russia and form the Soviet Union under #Communism. Soon Stalin came into power and started his red revolution over the people and through famines, killings, and setting up the gulags became known in history as one of the ruthless regimes ever.

On this fourth episode of Edge of Wonder of our communism series, we take you to the roots of the rise in communism in Russia, how it wanted to destroy religion, how Lenin and Stalin are directly tied to the #DeepState and how it was a precursor to what is to come in China.