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We live in the most exciting times in human history. It is time to wake up. Anyone who still "sleeps" will first learn from the history books what has passed him without him realizing it. It's up to you if you take the red pill or not. This website and my channel can help you with that, but you have to be open to new things.

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New Post 05/05/19

A full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible!
Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn...use it to target your local bureaucrats, technocrats, health practitioners, local and federal government agencies and more than anything else...

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New Post 04/05/19

Vote no to guess who ?






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Published 27/04/19

This is a macro view from 40,000ft of the entire Q Anon/cabal/Trump/NWO war taking place. And alot of it revolves around occult dates & how Q team is using [their] need for ritual & symbolism against them to take them down. I added images to an awesome interview Abel Danger had with someone that goes by Agent 107. 

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Part 1 of this series posted on 24/04/2019
Part 2 was posted on 26/04/2019



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Original video posted on 24/04/2019

Good times have created weak men. Weak men create hard times for us all. As the Boomer fades with a whimper, the torch is in the hand of Millennials.

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Original video posted on 23/04/2019

Since this conversation with David Morgan was recorded, Devin Nunes has made EIGHT criminal referrals to the AG naming those who were involved in the conspiracy to topple Donald J. Trump. Now that the Mueller witch hunt is over, the real trials can begin.

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Original video posted on 07/04/2019

Most scientists have a detailed knowledge of their own narrow field of specialization, a general knowledge of fundamental science, an understanding of the scientific method, and a mental model that encompasses a broad range of scientific disciplines. This model serves as the basis of their thoughts about scientific questions.


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